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Joan at Fifth House Lodge

Joan Lee Hunter is a writing teacher and coach, offering group writing workshops, private multi-day retreats and individual hourly consultations at her home, Fifth House Lodge.

Joan works with writers of all experience levels. Beginners gain confidence in their expressive ability, while seasoned writers find new ways to mine and develop material. Those who come to Fifth House Lodge to work with Joan include people who want to use writing as a tool for self-exploration and healing, as well as those who wish to become better storytellers.

Fifth House Lodge is located one hour west of Portland in Maine's lake and mountain country. Set on a high hill with wide views of earth and sky, it is a place of extraordinary simplicity, beauty and peace.

The writing work that Joan facilitates is deep, powerful and unblinking.

. . . Nancy Coleman, Brunswick, Maine

The talented writing coach Joan lee Hunter will help you build confidence and put you in touch with your creative side. . . Hunter helps break down the emotional blocks that stand between you and your best material. . . This charming, rustic 1930s era lodge. . .offer[s] majestic mountain views. There's a disarmingly spiritual feel about the place.

. . .  Health Magazine

Fifth House Lodge is where I come to be rather than to do.

. . .  Marcel Moreau, Portland, Maine

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